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This is the way to summon heroes that you can build your ultimate team fight with 3 main heroes and 2 pets from starting.

Collect Heroes

Saint Giong is your first main heroes when you start to play We Are Heroes and Mon is summoned in Lottery when you ready to going to Campaign.


By tutorial in Campaign system, getting over many stages, you will get some Pets to improve your team fight power.


Training your heroes by passing a lot of stages in Campaign, you will receive a special gift from Lottery system to summon a new free Heroes.


Summon Heroes

You can summon Heroes or collect a Soul Stone by using Diamond to take a chance on Diamond Lottery in Lottery system. Everyday, you will get 1 free turn in Diamond Lottery and 3 free turns in Gold Lottery.


To summon a hero by Soul Stone, you have to collect enough number Soul Stones of that Heroes.




You need more Soul Stones to evolve your Heroes



The number of Soul Stones is increasing as your heroes evolve level



  • Summon a Hero: 10 Soul Stones

  • Evolve to 2 Stars - Hero: 20 Soul Stones

  • Evolve to 3 Stars - Hero: 50 Soul Stones

  • Evolve to 4 Stars - Hero: 100 Soul Stones

  • Evolve to 5 Stars - Hero: 150 Soul Stones

  • Evolve to 6 Stars - Hero: 200 Soul Stones

  • Evolve to 7 Stars - Hero: 250 Soul Stones

You can collect some Soul Stones from Daily Reward system.


Win the Elite mode in Campaign to collect Soul Stones



You can buy more Soul Stones in Shop.



Receive Soul Stones in Assault system.