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Welcome Heroes to Crusade mode in We are heroes. Today we will show you the mechanism and features of the Crusade where players can collect experience and special Stone for Hero.


It is open each day in a week. There are total 7 games package is opened from Monday to Sunday.



Event is opened in a certain time.


How to play

First, players need to satisfy all conditions and use the elements to join in the game.



Pick up treasure in the  "Treasures", it is imported when you collect them.


The main purpose is defeat final boss.



In each Round, there are 2 Treasure, to get it you have to get over an Hard Mode. This Hard Mode can be more difficult than defeat final Boss.


Gather items in the "Treasures", the treasure was in again when income. But the play only items from treasure when defeated final boss in the final frontier.


When the players feel difficult or not enough power to overcome each campaign, you can choose "retreat" to retire but you will lose all items which is gained in this round.



Note: All Heroes and Pet in in Crusade have energy and blood kept stable through each round. You can get Diamonds back to recover whole mem in the party.


Reward and regulations

  • Each day players can play Crusade once to complete a package.

  • Each package reward Stone and EXP.

  • Each package has different difficulty levels, limited by the player's account Level.

  • Each package high difficulty level more rewards package low difficulty level.

  • Players can use Diamond to buy more package in day.

  • Play packages are refreshed at the 5:00 daily.