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Welcome Heroes!

Today we will learn how to upgrade and utilize effectively Artisan.


Choose the Gem which you want to upgrade then use the other to make progress. Use rare and higher levels Gem to make success rate higher.. You have to pay by Gold, the value depending on the level of Gem.


If the upgrade progress does not succeed, you will lost gold and materials that use in the progress. However, you will be rewarded success rate next time, and this priority just last for a certain time.




You can train rare rate of Gem through each level.



Each Gem provides Heroes maximum 5 index. Each index is activated when Gem reach right level.

Gem level 1: Index 1 is activated.

Gem level 4: Index 2 is activated.

Gem level 7: Index 3 is activated.

Gem level 10: Index 4 is activated.

Gem level 12: Index 5 is activated.

If you want to replace another Gem in Artisan, you choose the one which you want to replace and click “Remove”. But you have to pay a fee for that, depending on the level of Gem.



The Recipe is computed from min value of Gem. Recipe Level increase makes Recipe Index increase too.


When players have fully implemented the requirements of the Recipe, Recipe Index will be actived.


If you want change Recipe for Gem table, you can choose the one you want to change and replace it by “Remove” button. But you have to pay fee depending on the level of Recipe.



Players can find Gem or “  “  in some Round. Specific:

  • White Rare Gem: Get in Mine

  • Green and Blue Rare Gem:  - Level 2.

  • Normal recipe : - Level 3.

  • Rare Purple Gem and Recipe: change from Black market.

  • Rare Orange Gem, Rare recipe: the reward from special event or guild war.

  • The maximum number of Gem and Recipe players can get depend on VIP level.

  • When Gem and Recipe is full, players will receive a warning about Gem Box’s Full, you must make it empty to get more Gem.