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This post will help you find equipment, increase heroes strength and recruit new heroes in Market system.

There are many shops for you in Market system. All items you need are available in Shop.


Normal shop

Normal shop sell Equipment, EXP Potion, … Players use gold to buy.


You can get Gold in Campaign.


Assault shop

You can get Stone for Heroes in Assault. It’s charged by Assault Coins.


This Coin can be collected by join battles in Assault.

Crusade shop

Similar to Assault shop, but this sell Stone for Pet.


To earn Crusade Coins, you have to play Crusade Mode.

Guild shop

In this shop, you can buy Equipment & Gem.


Gain more Coins in Guild Mode.

Green Market

In Green Market players can buy rare Stone of Pet. Rare Items also be sold here.


You can use your Items to exchange Green Coins.

Black market

Black Market sell Rare Stone for Heroes. To buy items in the Black Market, players mak an exchange with the requirements of each item.